PHASORTM Solid State Type Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels:

Low Power factor is the worst phenomenon in electrical circuit which causes hpost2uge currents to be drawn from main lines.

This in turn causes voltage drop, fluctuation in voltages and I2R loss in input switchgears, cables, transmission lines etc.

For the past many years there is significant development by introducing various types of APFC Panels to correct the power factor. One of these is normal contactor type APFC Panel using relay type controller.

This controller is set for a delay time of about 15-30 seconds for switching ON or OFF the relays which in turn switches the contactors.

This time delay is required to minimize the switching of contactors, which if switched frequently will result in their failure due to high inrush input current of the capacitors.

Hence these panels are not at all suitable for fast switching loads, such as welding loads.If used with welding loads they create more problems instead of solving them, sometimes even with increase in electricity bills. (Refer below Fig 1, 3&5)

The above problem to an extent is overcome by Thyristor type Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels, in which the sensing of power factor and switching of capacitors is very fast, i.e. within few cycles.(Refer below Fig 2, 4&5)

The above contactor and thyristor type panels use delta connected capacitor banks which are switched in three phase mode. Hence these panels do not perform properly if the load with low power factor is highly unbalanced.

It was long overdue to have solution for the above problem in our country.


We at PHASORTM took the above as a challenge and developed, at very economical prices, an Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panel for correcting the power factor of Highly Unbalanced Fast Switching Loads such as in Arc welding process.

We developed Solid State type APFC Panel with power factor correction units using Opto couplers for very fast switching of capacitors; such that the correction takes place only in the phases with poor power factor.

These panels when used with highly unbalanced loads, such as in Hotels, shopping malls etc. gives very good results.

Also when used with highly unbalanced fast switching loads, such as in Arc welding machines in fabrication shops etc. gives excellentresults.

In case of low power factor in one phase and absence of load in other two phases, PHASORTMSolid State Type APFC Panel will correct the power factor of this particular phase without disturbing the other two.

The entire above phenomenon is demonstrated by figures and graphical representation as below:



PHASORTMSolid State TypeAutomatic Power factor Correction Panel works on thePrincipal as shown above in fig.2, fig.4 and fig.6.

This overcomes allthe problems as shown in fig.1, fig.3 and fig.5, and saves energy to reduce Power Bills.


PHASORTMSolid State TypeAutomatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) Panels:-

  • Ideal for fabrication units, industries, shopping malls, hotels construction sites, ship/dock yards etc.
  • Specifically designed for equally distributed highly unbalanced fast switching loads in 3 Phase 415 Volt 50 Hz systems.
  • Solid state design with no electro- mechanical part.
  • Cost-effective power factor correction & energy saving solutions.
  • Very long operational life and Low maintenance.
  • Modular Design with Provision for Enhancement of capacity in future.
  • Switched Capacitor Modules readily available for replacement in case of failure.
  • Readily available range from 120 to 300 KVAR

PHASORTMalso manufactures Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels for other loads:-

  1. Contactor type (for normal switchingbalanced loads)
  2. Thyristor type (for fast switching balanced loads)