Save Power in Welding Machines - PhasorTM Power Conditioner

Technical specifications:-  


  • Input Volts - 415  +/- 5%
  • Phases - Single/Three Phase
  • Rating -  Suitable for 8 to 20 KVA Transformer/ Thyristor type Welding Machines.
  • Overall Dimensions - L380 x H340 x W200mm
  • Weight - 12.200/ 9.450 Kg. (Approx.) for Single/Three Phase, respectively.
  • Product Code - PPC 2-I /PPC 3-C  for Single/Three Phase, respectively.

Product Description : -

Since the beginning of Electric Arc Welding, there has been always the problem of HighInput Current in the welding machines and very Low Power Factor; which we also faced being an industry since 45 years.

There was no solution for the above problem for many years. This problem is overcome with the introduction of Inverter Type Welding machine. Though an Inverter Type Welding machine solves this problem to an extent, but these are very complicated and expensive, with very high maintenance cost.

Our team worked very hard for last few years for solving this problem, so that latest/existing / old welding machine is placed almost equal to the inverter type machine in power consumption.

For the First Time in the History of Electric Arc Welding we are introducing a product, “PHASOR Power Conditioner” for Welding Machines, which solves almost all the above problems.

PHASOR Power Conditioner can be used with latest/existing/old transformer and thyristor type SMAW/MIG/MAG/CO2 welding machines. The Power Conditioner reduces the input current during welding and corrects the power factor with many other advantages.


  • Ideal for welding machines in fabrication units, industries, shops, construction sites, ship/dock yards etc.
  • Compatible with new as well as existing old welding machines.
  • Cost effective energy saving solution.
  • Reduces Full load currentinstantaneously by 25 – 45% during welding.
  • Reduces Total Power consumption.
  • Reduces Voltage Fluctuation in input line and Improves Quality of Welding.
  • Reduces switching of contactors in APFC Panel, hence enhances the life of the contactors.
  • Maintains Rated voltage and improves power factor.
  • Lowers the Input Switchgear rating and reduces burn outs.
  • Solid State Device hence almost maintenance free.
  • For Three Phase and Single Phase Transformer and Thyristor type welding machines.
  • Very easy installation. (similar to Voltage Stabilizers)
  • Very Compact, Lightweight and Economical.
  • Totally indigenous product with Concept, Design and Manufactured by PHASORTMin India.


For reliability and performance of our product we installed 22 Nos on single phase welding machines and 23 Nos on three phase machines and they are working successfully for the last 15 months with huge saving in Power Bills in our Fabrication Unit.

No such product exists but below mentioned table shows COMPARISON between Latest Inverter Type Welding Set and Other Welding Set with Power Conditioner.


Please find below mentioned tables to understand the RESULTS of using PHASOR TM POWER CONDITIONER with welding machines:

*To view the video showing below results please click here.

In SINGLE PHASE Welding Machines:


In THREEPHASE Welding Machines:


The results may vary slightly for different makes and types of machines.

  • Other models of Power Conditioners are available on request.
  • Custom made Power Conditioners for very heavy duty welding machines are also available on request.
  • The Power Conditioners are not for use with invertor type welding machines
  • The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice