PHASORTMCOMPENSATORS: - For induction Motors

While starting, Induction Motors with heavy loads (such as Fly wheels etc.) draws heavy current,approximately 4 to 8 times the full load current. Also during start the power factor is very poor.   Sometimes it is required to frequently switchthe motors on and off for specific purposes. This switching on/offof the motors causes heavy inrush current, poor power factor and voltage drop in the main lines.   The above problem can be overcome by using PHASORTMCOMPENSATORS.

These compensators when used with motors reduces input line current during start, also they improves the power factor and eliminates voltage drop and saves energy. This reduces power bills.   The compensators act within milliseconds so as to perform the above said phenomenon. This is achieved by electronic controls and solid state devices.   There are some requirements where motor works nearly at no load and is loaded momentarily and then again comes to nearly no load condition, this phenomenon is observed in power press, during stroke period. We also design compensator for starting and momentary load condition of induction motor.


  • Ideal for frequently switched,heavily loaded,induction motors.
  • Reduces starting current instantly by approximately 60%.
  • Cost effective energy saving solution.
  • Reduces total power consumption.
  • Reduces voltage fluctuation in input line and reduces starting time of motor.
  • Solid state device, hence almost maintenance free.
  • Very easy installation and user friendly.
  • Totally indigenous product with design and manufactured by PHASORTM in India.