We have been working in the field of Electrical Engineering for the past 45 years and have successfully conceptualized, designed and manufactured many innovative products for industrial and commercial markets.

Recently, we have developed and patented a unique power saving device for welding machines called the Power Conditioner. We intend to manufacture and market this product, along with other power saving products though Phasor Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Other Power Saving products being Compensators, APFC Panels, Voltage stabilizers,Power Distributor Boards, Motor Control Centers and a variety of Energy Saving Electrical Equipment that lead to enormous saving in power.

We want to work towards a cleaner and greener planet, by developing and manufacturing eco-friendly power saving solutions. We see ourselves as change agents in the critically important sphere of energy, working for a better tomorrow.

Arc welding machines inspite of being the simplest and cheapest options for welding, used in majority of fabrication units and construction sites, suffer from the drawback of drawing huge amount of current from mains. Apart from high electricity consumption, it results in high power bills, losses in line and overheating/damage to cables, meters, fuses, switches etc.

To overcome the aforementioned problems, we are focusing extensively on developing and manufacturing POWER CONDITIONER, STABILIZERS, APFC PANEL FOR HIGHLY UNBALANCED LOAD etc. and supplying the same throughout the country.

Our latest and most innovative development is POWER CONDITIONER, introduced for the very first time, which shall prove to be the most beneficial product for welding units across the country.

One of the most distinguishing features of our power conditioner is that it can be compatibly used with old welding machines as well. The reduction in welding current isalmost same whether connected to old machines or new machines.

Our product is also suitable for heavy duty welding machines. This proves very beneficial as there is no need to replace your old heavy duty welding machines anymore, and workers accustomed to work on them can continue to do so easily.

Products of Phasor Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. intend to fulfill two main purposes:
  1. To reduce the input current, thereby reducing the overall power consumption and,
  2. To improve the Power Factor drastically while doing so.
Today, such products are a boon for our country and contributes towards solving one of the biggest concerns of past, present and future i.e. POWER SAVING. DO EARTH A FAVOUR, BE A POWER SAVER Company CIN : U29253MP2013PTC031554

Our Sister Unit

TESLA ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES (Estd. 1970), TESLA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, BHOPAL. Tesla Group of Industries is engaged in the field of Engineering with concept, design and manufacturing of various Import substitutes and innovative products for reputed organizations and commercial markets.

Our customers include BHEL, HAL, PGCIL, NTPC, ABB, Alstom, GE, L & T, Crompton, Andritz Hydro to name a few.

We have our presence in commercial market for the past many years with products, like voltage boosters for agriculture field, submersible pumps for desert coolers etc.

Innovation is our passion and we hope to bring to you many more products after Power Conditioners.

Refer link : www.teslaelectrical.co.in
Phasor Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. is set up by Mr. Mohd. Farrukh Siddiqui who has a vast experience in this field since 45 years. He is renowned for his abilities to design and develop customized products for various customers throughout the country and beyond. He focuses on providing quality products and exceptional services to every customer. His experience counts as the backbone and the greatest strength to our organization.
Our vision is to develop our company to become the leading organization in manufacturing of power saving equipment throughout the country and make our presence felt across the globe through our capabilities to save electricity and develop new devices that lead to further power saving.
Our mission is to supply Quality products and achieve import substitution in all electrical equipment using our power saving technologies. We intend to develop utmost customer satisfaction and meet the major demand in the market throughout the country.
Phasor Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. aims to capture the maximum market share by manufacturing and supplying power saving equipment from large scale industries to the general masses in the most efficient and organized manner leading to an overall reduction in power consumption in our country.